Sheet Materials

We carry an extensive stock of Hardwood and Softwood Plywood, Elliotis, MDF, OSB and Hardboard. Please see below for further details. In addition to this we also stock and distribute a range of Melamine Faced Chipboards, please contact us direct for details.

Hardwood Plywood

Known typically for its stability, quality and strength properties, our hardwood plywood is sourced from Indonesia, Malayasia and China from reputable suppliers conforming with all EUTR rules, as well as a high percentage of PEFC® and FSC® certified material.

Marine plywood is also available for use in high moisture and wet conditions. All stocks are manufactured with a WBP glue line and conform to BS1088. Current stocks consist of a range of thicknesses from 3mm up to 25mm available in 2440x1220, 3050x1220 and 3050x1525.

Softwood Plywood

Softwood plywood is used for various applications, particularily common in 'Form work' and 'Shuttering'. It is also commonly used structurally in flooring and roofing projects and can therefore be supplied as tongue and grooved. Current stocks include Brazilian, Chilean, Chinese and Birch Plywood; a very high quality Plywood imported from Russia, Latvia and Finland, mainly used in the production of furniture and pattern making industries. Film Faced plywood is also available to order.


Standard MDF and Moisture Resistant MDF are the most common uses in our industry, primarily used on internal applications such as furniture manufacture, we currently stock a range of thicknesses and board sizes.

Chipboard, OSB, Hardboard

Particle boards provide a more cost effective solution when appearance and strength are not as important. We stock P2 Chipboard in 12mm & 18mm 2440x1220. OSB 2 & 3(BBA Approved). Standard Hardboard and Oil-based (Eucalyptus) and Perforated all available in 3.2mm.