Hawthorn's Promise

Hawthorn Timber believes that timber is one of the earth's most important resources - protecting our natural environment and providing a renewable source of materials.

European Timber Regulations (EUTR Regulation EU No.995/2010)

EUTR came into force March 2013, which prohibits illegally harvested timber and timber products being placed onto the EU market.

As an "Operator" (first placers of timber or derived products on the EU market) we work with a "due diligence" system (DDS) to minimise the risk of placing illegal timber on the market. A DDS consists of three fundamental elements: information, risk assessment and risk mitigation. As an "operator" we confirm we have a DDS in place and will be audited in due course by a Monitoring Organisation (MO) whom is recognised by the European Commission and controlled by national authorities.

As a "trader" our obligation is to keep records of whom we buy and sell to.

Hawthorn Timber Ltd can confirm access to the following information at all times:-

  • Details of products and species, trade name / scientific name
  • Details of country and region of harvest
  • Details of quantities of volume (in m3) bought from each supplier
  • Details of suppliers names and addresses


Hawthorn Timber aim to help our customers meet their environmental commitments by providing a range of products that meet the highest environmental standards, whilst maintaining and promoting legal and sustainable managed forests.

Timber Certification

We have achieved Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification many of our products are available as FSC® Certified, please ask us for details. We are also PEFC® Chain of Custody Certified (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme) to supply wood-based products originating in sustainably managed forests.

Environmental Impact

Hawthorn Timber is fully committed to the efficient use of energy. By ensuring the efficient use of energy and the recycling of waste at our operational sites, we make every reasonable effort to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. Recently we replaced the lighting within our manufacturing site with low energy LED lighting, to cut down on our energy use.